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Product Information:

This Giant Jenga Game Rental is the biggest authentic hardwood Jenga® game available and can stack to over 5 feet high in play! This rental includes 54 precision-crafted polished hardwood blocks, each over 14 times the volume of a Classic Jenga® block.


Players: 1 or more players.

Recommended Ages: 12+. Adult supervision is required.

Object: To be the last person to successfully remove and place a block without knocking over the tower.

Setup: Create the initial tower on a flat, even surface. To do this, stack all the blocks in levels of three, placed next to each other along their long sides and at a right angle to the previous story.

How to Start: Once the tower is built, the person who stacked the tower plays first.

How to Play:

1. First, the person playing must take one block from any level of the tower - except the one below an incomplete top level - and place it on the topmost level in order to complete it.

• Players may use only one hand at a time. Either hand may be used, but only one hand may touch the tower at any time.

• Players may tap a block to find a loose one. Any blocks moved but not played should be replaced unless doing so would make the tower fall.

2. The turn ends when the next player touches the tower or after ten seconds. Whichever occurs first.

3. The game ends when the tower falls completely or if any block (other than the block a player moves on a turn) falls from the tower. The loser is the person who made the tower fall. The winner is the last person to successfully remove and place a block without knocking over the tower.

How to Reset: Build a tower again, as described in “Setup” above, to play a new round.

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