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Welcome to Party Time Rentals' fantastic selection of yard game rentals! We offer a wide range of engaging and entertaining games that are perfect for outdoor gatherings, backyard parties, corporate picnics, and family reunions. Whether you're looking to add some friendly competition, encourage active play, or create a fun-filled atmosphere, our yard game rentals are sure to bring joy and excitement to your event.

  1. Cornhole: A beloved classic, cornhole is a popular yard game that appeals to all ages. Players take turns tossing bean bags onto a slanted board, aiming to score points by landing the bags in the designated target holes. Cornhole is a fantastic game for both casual and competitive play, creating hours of fun and entertainment.

  2. Giant Jenga: Take the traditional Jenga game to a larger-than-life scale with our giant Jenga rentals. Players take turns removing blocks from the tower and carefully stacking them on top, all without causing the tower to collapse. The suspense and excitement build with each move, making giant Jenga a crowd-pleasing favorite.

  3. Giant Connect Four: Challenge your strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination with our giant Connect Four game. Players take turns dropping colorful discs into a vertical grid, aiming to connect four of their discs in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This game is perfect for both kids and adults, fostering friendly competition and interactive play.

  4. Bocce Ball: Enjoy a classic and leisurely game of bocce ball in your backyard or outdoor space. Players take turns tossing colored balls to get as close as possible to the target ball, known as the pallino. Bocce ball is a social and relaxing game that allows participants to engage in conversation while enjoying some friendly rivalry.

  5. Giant Yard Pong: Bring the popular party game to your outdoor event with our giant yard pong rentals. Participants toss oversized balls into giant buckets, aiming to land the balls in the opposing team's buckets and eliminate them from play. Giant yard pong is a lively and engaging game that keeps guests entertained and encourages active participation.

  6. Lawn Bowling: Test your accuracy and finesse with our lawn bowling game. Players roll balls towards a target, aiming to get as close as possible to the target or knock down pins. Lawn bowling is a delightful activity that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

At Party Time Rentals, we ensure that our yard games are of the highest quality, providing both durability and safety. Our rentals come with all the necessary equipment, including game boards, balls, pins, and instructions, making setup a breeze.

Our dedicated team is here to help you select the perfect yard game rentals for your event and ensure a seamless rental experience. We offer delivery, setup, and pickup services, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event while we take care of the logistics.

Transform your outdoor space into a hub of fun and excitement with Party Time Rentals' yard game rentals. Watch as your guests bond, laugh, and create unforgettable memories while indulging in friendly competition and active play.