Party Time Rentals Rental Contract

Starting Jan 2nd of 2024 – Rentals items will not be delivered or picked up without a signed contract and Credit card authorization Form.


973 Sunshine Ln Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

(407) 410-1030



The provider of this rental contract shall be severable so that the unenforceability or waiver of the provisions shall not affect the remaining provisions.



You are responsible for the use of the rented items. You assume all risks inherent to the operation and use of rented items and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of, and to pay, indemnify and hold Party Time Rental Inc. harmless from and hereby release Party Time Rentals Inc. from, and all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the items, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or part from Party Time Rentals Inc. negligence, from the defective condition of the items, or any other cause. YOU AGREE THAT NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, HAVE BEEN MADE IN CONNECTION WITH THE EQUIPMENT RENTED.



You agree to discontinue the use of rented items immediately should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair and will immediately (one hour or less) notify Party Time Rentals Inc. of the facts. Party Time Rentals Inc. at our discretion to make the items operable within a reasonable time, provide a like item if available, make a like item available at another time, or adjust rental charges. The provision does not relieve the renter from the obligations of the contract. In all events, Party Time Rentals Inc. shall not be responsible for injury or damage resulting from the failure or defect of rented items.



Renter agrees & covenants to be satisfied with the instruction and condition of equipment rented and the proper and safe use of equipment, or that renter is so familiar and conveyed to Party Time Rentals Inc. you were. The renter further agrees that the items will be used only at the address listed on the contract and only for the purpose for which it was intended and manufactured. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited. The renter agrees they have read all instruction manuals, operating instructions, and warnings related to rented items.



The renter’s right of possession terminates upon the expiration of the rental period set forth in the contract. Time is of the essence in this contract. Any extension must be agreed upon in writing. 



Renter shall return rented items to Party Time Rentals Inc. during regular business hours, promptly upon, or before the expiration of the rental period. If the renter does not timely return, the rental rate shall continue until the items are returned. 



Renter shall pay all charges payable under this contract in advance, provided, however, that all preceding shall not limit the amount payable by the renter hereunder, and all additional amounts hereunder shall be paid immediately as such costs are incurred. The renter shall pay all reasonable costs of collections, court, and attorney fees. If rental charges are not paid within (10) days of the due date, the Party Time Rentals Inc., at our discretion, may re-calculate rental charges on a daily basis and charge the credit card on file. Renter shall pay any other amounts payable hereunder a service charge of 2.0% per month on all past due accounts. There will be a $35.00 charge on any returned checks for any reason.



In addition to other charges and costs provided herein, the renter shall pay charges in accordance with company rates for the following services.

  • Delivery or Pickup 
  • Delivery or Pickup from any location other than ground level. 
  • Setup/Knock Down of Tables and Chairs 
  • Delivery/Pickup after business hours, Sundays, and Holidays 
  • Packaging materials not returned 
  • Service calls 
  • Site planning and preparation 
  • Business check-in/Safety videos 
  • Last minute, rush orders 
  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Delivery/Pickup occurring within a specific timeframe 
  • Removal of equipment not completed by the customer before pickup 


In addition to its other obligations hereunder, the renter shall: Pay a reasonable cleaning charge for items returned dirty. Protect the rented items from weather damage, breakage, unauthorized or improper use, theft, or loss while in possession of the renter.



Renter shall maintain, at renter’s expense, liability, property, and casualty insurance coverage in an amount sufficient to fully protect Party Time Rentals Inc. and its equipment against any and all claims, loss, or damage of whatever nature or type.



The renter agrees to have the site clean and ready for delivery and installation or dismantled for pickup of the equipment and agrees to pay an additional charge for any delay incurred along with any labor charges resulting in the renter’s failure to do so.



Renter agrees before any installation of rental equipment, including tents, to obtain at renters’ expense, any and all necessary permits and licenses and other consents.



The renter agrees to obtain any locating of underground utilities before delivery of rented items. Renter also agrees to reimburse Party. Time Rentals Inc. for any additional costs incurred due to undisclosed or subsurface conditions resulting in an additional cost to us.



Renter agrees to assume all risk and agrees to hold Party time Rentals Inc. and any of its staff harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, and damage, and all costs and expenses arising directly and indirectly at of or relating to:

  • The delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installation, dismantling, and use of rented equipment. 
  • Contact underground utilities, pipes, or any condition on the renter’s property. 
  • All necessary surface repairs. 
  • Any injury or damage during the use of rented equipment, including inflatables and interactives.


The renter shall pay a security deposit at the time of reservation. This fee is 30% of the total rental charge. The security deposit will be returned upon cancellation up until 14 days after the event date. The deposit will be forfeited if the reservation is canceled within 14 days before the reservation event date. A CC# is also required on file in order to place an order. If no CC# is placed on file, the order will remain a quote.



All orders are to be PAID IN FULL one week before the time of delivery/customer pickup. Accepted payment methods are Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. Items will not be delivered/released unless the total is paid in full and we have received a signed rental contract. NO EXCEPTIONS. If payment is not made before Wednesday of the event week, the remaining balance will be placed on the credit card on file. CC# must be placed on file, regardless of the payment method. Personal checks are not accepted. Delivery personnel will not accept payment.



Pricing is subject to change without notice. Prices represented on the price list represent a 24-hour rental period. If you wish to rent items for an extended period of time, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a sales specialist for special rates.



Upon confirmation of a rental order, the customer must give a deposit to reserve the order. If the customer decides to cancel an order or items before the event, it must be done 14 days before the event date for all items other than tents. Tents must be canceled 28 days prior to the event. If a customer cancels an event within 14 days of the event (28 days for tents) Party Time Rentals Inc. will retain 100% cost of canceled items. However, the customer has the option to move the rental date as long as all items are still available within 12 months of the canceled date. If items originally rented are not available on a new date, similar replacement items will be issued.



Delivery and pickup are available to customers at an additional, reasonable price. For a weekend event, we may deliver as early as Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are scheduled for a Friday delivery, we may call you at the beginning of the week and move the delivery day up a day or two, depending on workload and weather conditions. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery/pickup time. To find out when your order is scheduled for delivery/pickup, please call the week of your event date indicated on your contract. Additional fees may apply if a specific delivery/pickup time is needed. Pickups that are scheduled for Monday may be pushed back to a later date due to inclement weather or a high workload. Our staff greatly appreciates your flexibility. Please keep in mind that rental equipment is the customer’s responsibility from the time of delivery until pickup. Normal Delivery Prices represent the following requirements:

  • Area is easily accessible to our trucks 
  • Equipment is to be unloaded within 20 feet of the tailgate of the truck 
  • All delivered equipment is dropped off in stacks as close to your requested area as can be reached with our delivery vehicle, according to the prior submitted layout/directions sent by the customer. 
  • Delivery location must be on the first floor 
  • Delivery must take place during normal business hours 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday 9:00am-Noon Saturday 

Additional distances, steps, elevators, After-Hours / Sunday / Holiday deliveries, etc., will be subject to additional charges.



Customers may pick up most items from Party Time Rentals Inc. during regular business hours if they wish to avoid delivery and pickup charges. Items not available for customer pickup include tents, dance floors, staging, and large inflatables. Please clean out all debris from the truck/trailer prior to hauling equipment. If equipment is returned dirty, the customer may be charged for cleaning items. Party Time Rentals Inc. is not responsible for any damages occurring to vehicles during the loading/unloading of items. All items are to be returned on the date listed on the invoice. If late, additional charges apply.



Party Time Rentals Inc. reserves the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged, or dirty items up to 14 days after receiving items prior to going through FINAL inspection. Helium/Propane/Co2 rentals will not be refunded for unused products. 

Concession supplies can be returned and refunded. However, a 25% restocking fee will apply.



Rental Items, including Tables and Chairs, should be stacked in the same manner they were upon delivery. All cooking, beverage, and concession items should be cleaned and placed back in the containers they were delivered in. Linens should be dry and free of excess garbage to prevent mildew and staining. Additional charges will apply if restocking items is necessary. Customers will pay the full replacement cost of linens if they have mildew or staining not removed during normal washing, as well as the full replacement cost for any rental items or storage containers missing upon pickup.



The above-mentioned items all require a cleanup deposit upon rental. The amount depends on the item. All fountains, grills, and concession 

machines MUST be cleaned and returned the same way they were delivered/picked up. If not, the cleanup deposit will be retained by Party Time Rentals Inc.



We carry a large variety of colors and sizes in stock at our warehouse; however, some may need to be specially ordered. If linens are specially ordered, payment must be paid in full at the time order is placed, and once ordered, there are no cancellations allowed no exceptions. All linen changes must occur outside two weeks of the event date to allow packing of the order. If changed within two weeks of the event, repacking charges will apply. When picking-up linens, you are responsible for verifying that you are receiving the appropriate number. All linens must be returned in the supplied laundry bags or storage crates, NO TRASH BAGS; be free from any burns, wax, tears, pins, tacks, abrasions, mildew, mold, etc. The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing, damaged, or mildewed items. Shake out any loose debris from linen (food, petals, decorations, etc.). Failure to remove all loose debris will result in a fee of $2.00 per linen. All skirting comes with clips for tables. If unreturned, you will be charged $.50 for each missing clip. We reserve the right to final inspect linens when we perform our cleaning/pressing procedure. Typically, this process will be done within one week, after which you will be notified of missing or damaged items. Party Time Rentals Inc. is not responsible for dye lot variations from manufacturers.



Customers must abide by the rules and guidelines listed specifically for each inflatable unit. By placing a CC# on file, you agree to the terms of the inflatable rules and waiver. Units are not to be used with water. If using customer pickup/return, the unit must be rolled in the same manner as a pickup when returned. If not, a $20 re-roll fee will apply. Any missing balls/accessories are subject to replacement fees. All outdoor inflatables are to be always staked.



When choosing a location for a stage or dance floor, the most level area should be selected. Our wood parquet dance floor is for indoor use only, with no exceptions. Our Black & White and Wood Laminate dance floors can be used both inside and outside. If used outdoors, the floor must be set up in an area with limited holes, waves, etc. If the floor is to be set up on the unlevel ground, a $20 leveling fee will be added. If breaking/bending occurs due to unlevel ground, the customer is responsible for the cost of repair/replacement. The outdoor dance floor has a sub-floor built-in; no additional sub-flooring is needed. The outdoor floor must be covered and not in direct sunlight. The customer is responsible if excess cleaning is needed.



Prior to tent setup, the site must be clear of all sticks, patio furniture, animal droppings, overhead tree limbs that may interfere, debris, etc. Tents will not be set up under sap-producing or fruit trees. All tents we install must always anchored to the ground, with no exceptions. There are several ways to do this. Our first priority is staking. This can be done in grass and asphalt. If done in asphalt, an additional drilling/patching fee will apply. Please know what is underground before we arrive. We are not responsible for any underground utilities, sprinkler systems, septic systems, etc. Keep in mind that overhead clearance (i.e., electrical wire, tree branches, etc.) is also necessary. If the setup is required on concrete, we can either use concrete anchors, which require drilling, or water barrels. Permits for tents are the customer’s responsibility. Note that water barrel anchoring is a last resort. We reserve the right to refuse to install tents anchored by water barrels if inclement weather is expected. The customer assumes all responsibility for tents anchored by water barrels and is held liable for any damages or injuries/death associated with failure due to water barrel usage.



Sidewalls are an additional cost and not included in the price of tents. Sidewalls are to be installed and removed by the customer. In the case of high winds, sides must be removed as they take away from the durability of the tent in high wind situations. EQUIPMENT RESPONSIBILITY

All items are to be inspected by the customer at the time of drop-off. If problems with items, Party Time Rentals Inc. must be notified before 

the event. The renter is responsible for equipment from the time of possession to the time of return. The renter assumes the entire risk of loss, regardless. of cause. If items are lost, stolen, or damaged, the renter will assume all costs of replacement or repair, including all labor costs. The renter shall pay a reasonable cleaning charge for rented items returned dirty. Any items not wanted upon delivery are still to be paid for by the customer.


EMERGENCY LINE – 24 Hr. Emergency (407) 410-1030

If the renter does not attempt to contact Party Time Rentals Inc. directly after they have had a problem with a rental item, no refund, discount etc. will be given, NO EXCEPTIONS. 



Party Time Rentals Inc. 973 Sunshine Ln, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Main Number (407) 410-1030 /

ALL ORDERS MUST HAVE VALID CC# ON FILE IN THE RENTERS NAME By placing a CC# on file, you are accepting the terms of the rental agreement and confirming that the customer agrees to receive all items on the invoice.




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